Project Controls

KCM Consulting, experts in Project Controls, have a long history developing and implementing project controls systems for owner/utilities and businesses.  In its simplest form, Project Controls offer a process of gathering, managing and analyzing relevant project data which is then used to predict, understand and constructively influence the time and cost outcomes of the project or program.

At KCM Consulting, we understand that Project Controls include people, processes and tools used to plan and manage costs and schedules, as well as mitigate risk. We have developed standards and processes for clients and trained their staff to manage this scope on a daily basis.

We have extensive experience in Project Control methodologies to both track and measure progress for optimal project planning and execution that leads to success.

Project Controls is composed of several processes that typically stood alone; but now must interlink and support each other to make the projects and program successful.  These processes are listed below:

Cost Control


  • Developing standards for the estimating process will allow the client to capture costs at the level needed
  • Define class/levels of estimates that will ensure alignment and consistency within the client’s organization
  • Develop specific process for long-range forecasting
  • Sets standards for client overheads and markups

Project Accounting –

  • Development of standard work breakdown and cost breakdown structure to assure all projects are work is aligned and costs are captured in a similar manner with costs rolling up to the correct costs codes
  • Develop standards for recording and reporting costs on the project that are in alignment with the client requirements
  • Establish and define standards that contractors and supplies must report to and deliver monthly cost breakdowns in alignment with the needs of the client

Earned Value

  • Quantify need for earned value and the associated costs to develop on the program
  • Define level of earned value required for each project and how it supports the program
  • Develop specific standards to be used to capture costs and schedule to support earned value
  • Determine specifics for SPI, CPI and schedule/cost variances

Document Management

Communication –

  • Define the process of ensuring all relevant parties are informed and updated on the status of the project or program at all times
  • Develop standardized process for all communication on the project between all parties

Document Control –

  • Determine what project documents are needed
  • Develop layout of the project documents to assure consistency across the program
  • Define where the documents are to be maintained and where these documents will be located and stored
  • Implement document control process, naming and history to assure any future needs will be met

Schedule Management


  • Establish specific standards for the development of project schedules that are consistent across all projects to provide alignment with the program schedules
  • Develop a specific process for the evaluation of schedules to ensure they meet all requirements and are in alignment with industry standards.
  • Develop specific program milestones that all projects follow; to provide a high-level program view

Project Risk Management


  • Develop specific processes the evaluate project risk
  • Evaluate risk on a project level and coordinate to a program level
  • Ensure risks are properly ranked and all impacts are understood and accounted for in the project estimate and schedule
  • Develop process for reduction of project contingency and return to the program level as the project risks are eliminated or actualized

Engineering –

  • Establish and define standard process for engineering to ensure consistent and complete design
  • Develop engineering standards that can be applied to projects to assure consistency and similarity of design across the projects and the program.
  • Develop and document engineering schedules and processes to assure designs progress and status
  • Define standards materials and engineering design; assisting estimating and procurement

Quality Control / Assurance –

  • Define standards for design, estimating, scheduling, risk management and project controls to assure consistency across the program
  • Define stage gate processes for the project to ensure the needed requirements are being met and the project is allowed to advance in the design, procurement and construction process.

Project Management –

  • Develop and train project managers to assure consistent project management across projects and the program
  • Implement standards for consistent project management in alignment with industry standards and best practices
  • Define project and reporting requirements to ensure consistent reporting across all projects