For years, companies have struggled to deliver projects on time and within budget. As the importance of Return on Investment (ROI) takes first priority, companies have to rein in projects more closely than ever. This challenge has led many companies to develop project management offices (PMOs) as a way to boost company efficiency, cut costs and improve project delivery in terms of time and budget.

KCM Consulting helps clients develop and implement a PMO for specific programs and as stand-alone divisions that support the whole company. We understand the need to instill project management discipline into daily working processes of companies to ensure project success.

Best Practices for Project Success and Client Retention
PMOs provide the structure necessary to standardize project management practices and determine methodologies for successful process development consistently. This in turn, facilitates the development of a higher quality portfolio, which in turn, attracts high quality clients and increases client retention, thus increasing company profitability. KCM Consulting helps clients develop standard processes and define standards to be employed throughout the company. Standardization allows process improvement to happen at a faster rate and to be more successful. KCM Consulting believes that the top two reasons for establishing a PMO is to improve project success and implementing standard practices.

PMOs lead to reduced expenses and fewer projects, but the first motive for creating a PMO is to deliver strategic projects consistently and efficiently. KCM Consulting believes that a successful PMO relies on three metrics to determine its effectiveness: accuracy of cost estimates, accuracy of schedule estimates and project stakeholder satisfaction.

KCM Consulting assists our clients with the development of a PMO to provide the foundation for:

  • Project Management Process:
    We develop and implement consistent and standardized process.
  • Project Support:
    We provide project management guidance to project managers in business units.
  • Training:
    We conduct training programs to implement and execute project management office functions.
  • Centralized Project Management:
    We maintain a centralized office where project managers are loaned out to work on projects.
  • Internal Consulting and Mentoring:
    We advise employees about best practices such as cost estimating standardization, project scheduling and resource loading.
  • Project Management Software Tools:
    We select and maintain project management tools for use by employees.
  • Portfolio Management:
    We establish a portfolio management process to ensure effective management of multiple related projects.
  • Resource Management:
    By having oversight over projects and personnel, a PMO can efficiently identify and assign the appropriate personnel to projects and manage their oversight.
  • Prioritizing Project Assignments:
    KCM PMOs boost productivity by ensuring prioritizing project assignments and managing schedules and therefore resources (labor and equipment) effectively.