About KCM Consulting, we are a team of experienced people offering our knowledge to Owners looking to fill long and short-term needs with the right people for the right job.  Our people have worked in a variety of industries for over twenty years on average.  We have experience having worked with companies including MWH, Moca Systems, USACE, Zachery, Altalink, Bechtel and others.

Our team has supported a variety of clients including the Federal Highways, TXDOT, AFCEC, AFCEESA, USACE, The Central Artery Tunnel Project, BC Hydro, and Altalink along with many others. The industries we have worked in are wide ranging including Transmission, Distribution, Military, Insurance, Construction, Transportation, and Government.

At KCM Consulting we offer diverse subject matter experts (SME’s) with years of hands-on implementation experience in developing process and procedures.   We have supported PMO’s with Estimating, Scheduling, Risk Management, Project Controls, Regulatory, and Change Control Processes.

We perform Project Management and Project Controls support; help in developing program-specific reporting practices and developing stage gate processes for clients ensuring all regulatory requirements are completed prior to progressing to the next phase.

At KCM Consulting we have also provided regulatory expertise; critical analysis and prepared hearing reports and testimony to support our clients in tariff and capital accrual proceedings for their use in successfully defending to the State and Provincial regulators.

Our clients are Owners.  We support the Owners while they build the in-house skill sets or personnel necessary to assist in achieving a successful project or who choose to supplement or outsource their in-house needs for the duration of their project or program.  We seek to help owners in their internal process development and implementation needs, capital build requirements, plant or services offered expansions and short-term project needs.  We work to support the Owners so they can achieve success.

We have experience and insights to potholes and landmines and can work to save our clients time and money.  We have been there before and have determined methods to identify and deal with problems before they arise.

We can also provide staff augmentation and expertise to fill immediate gaps due to critical workforce changes. Our experts are efficient and can quickly gather an understanding of your requirements leading to a short learning curve and better productivity.  We understand the nuances of working in different cultures and how practices in one part of the world may have to be modified to the nuances of the local country to be effective.

We fill the gap until you can hire and backfill a newly created or recently vacated position.