Project estimating is a lynchpin to a successful project.  Accurate estimating allows the project team to concentrate on the scope, safety and schedule of the project in lieu of change orders or cost-cutting activities to deliver a project that is underestimated.  In contrast, a project that is overestimated with too much money will reduce the company’s opportunities in other areas where the funds could have been allocated. A project that has money will spend that money on out-of-scope activities.

The accurate estimating of the hard dollar scope of the work will ensure proper accounting for big items of the project, but it is the numerous other project costs that drive a level of confidence and accuracy making the estimate and the project a success.  We, at KCM Consulting, understand both the hard dollar and other costs and how to estimate them to provide accountability for all items.

KCM Consulting helps clients define levels of staffing for projects and defined contingency development processes in alignment with the program and project risks.  In addition, KCM develops benchmarking processes and gathers data to accurately support the development of the project costs in comparison to similar projects and also provides early and sound explanations of variances to the benchmarks.  This level of detail consistently allows the client the ability to generate estimates within the required banding ranges.

KCM Consulting has extensive experience in developing estimates for our clients. We have estimated power transmission lines, power generating facilities, highway projects, airports, landfill projects, hazardous-waste cleanups, warehouses, office buildings, hotels, apartment buildings, schools, military facilities (including SCIF’s), and military family housing.


SCIF known back in the day as the “Cone-of Silence” hahaha.  its a Joke 🙂

In addition to the years of estimating experience at KCM Consulting, we also have years of field construction experience providing our clients a depth of knowledge allowing dependable estimates with experience to back them up.  We understand how things get built and the potential problems that can arise.

We have experience using most estimating tools but our background is predominantly in Sage “Timberline”, HCSS, Hard Dollar, PACES, and MCACES with a lot of Excel mixed in.  We can do estimates to meet various levels of accuracy banding such as the AACEI standards of class 5 to class 1 estimates.

Several of our team members are certified cost estimators with AACEI Certified Cost Professional (CCP) certifications.  We continue to train and re-certify ensuring we are at the leading edge of estimating standards.